Grilling Shish Kebabs

Who doesn’t love kebabs; these are delicious, juicy and tender pieces of meat. Grilling kebabs are very common nowadays. Many people spend weekends in making kebabs using best gas grills with their family or friends. There are so many restaurants where you can find these delicious meat pieces but the best way to enjoy the flavor and taste of the dish is by cooking it yourself. There are many varieties in kebabs; among them shish kebabs are the most famous. Today I will share my favorite recipe for shish kebab.

First of all, go to your butcher and ask for filet mignon cut of beef. As is the tenderest cut, and will be cook very tender but its expensive, so if you are on budget you can try top sirloin or any other cheap cut. Cooking time will be little bit more and to ensure the perfect doneness marination should be done a day before. Now get your beef cutted in one and a half inches pieces.

Now for the spice rub, we will need two and a half teaspoon of garlic, one and a half teaspoon of nutmeg, one teaspoon of mediterranean all spices rub, one teaspoon of paprika, dried oregano, salt and freshly grounded pepper. You will be needing butter and finely chopped coriander, later during the grilling. Mix all of these spices and rub all of them on the beef pieces. Make sure that all of the beef pieces are mix properly.

Now, we have to make marinate for the beef, for that we will need one large onion thinly chopped. Place them in a bowl, deep enough to submerge all of the beef pieces in marinate. Than add the juice of the two lemons and a cup of extra virgin olive oil and a pomegranate juice in bowl. Now transfer all the beef pieces in marinate and let them marinate for a day.

Next day take out your marinated beef and skewer the beef in the metal skewers and if using wooden skewers, soak them at least an hour before you grill so that it will not burn. You can also add the onions, bell peppers and jalapenos cutted in the size of the beef on the skewer. Once you are done with skewing of the beef, start the gas grill. Check the gas level in the propane tank and if natural gas then there is no need to worry, then turn the gas knobs on and ignite the flame with the help of a lighter. Clean the gas grill and let the grates of the gas grill be warmed, on a high heat for about ten minutes. Now rub cooking oil on the grates of the gas grill and place the skewers on the grill but make sure that before putting the skewers on the gas grill, baste them with the marinate one more time. Now grill the skewers on medium heat for about four to five minutes each side. Once your each side is done baste them with the mixture of butter and coriander.

Serve your delicious shish kebabs along with pita bread, hummus and a mediterranean salad. This recipe was for three pounds of beef, make sure to alter the proportion according to your need.